5 Benefits of Roller Shutter Doors

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Dock Levellers

Industrial roller shutter doors have long been associated with security – protecting buildings and warehouses of all shapes and sizes. Factories, plants, logistics centres and other industrial units are the most common buildings that utilise roller shutters.

These pioneering doors deliver a variety of benefits to businesses, and with the modern design and engineering standards, it is easy to find the type of shutter door that is ideal to your particular application. Roller shutter structures incorporate insulating layers, safety systems, heating controls, environmental defence mechanisms and so much more. Here are 5 benefits of having a roller shutter door.


1. Roller Shutter Doors Heighten Security

Roller shutter doors are robust in their structural support and provide excellent resistance to wind. Industrial roller shutters are built for facilities that have a lot of people coming in and out and can withstand the impact of frequent use. Roller shutter doors are known for their sturdiness and strength and are perfect for industrial, commercial and residential establishments. The solid build is enough of a barrier to deter most burglars, whilst the highest quality doors are able to withstand forced-entry attempts. For most factories and warehouses in South Africa, roller shutter doors deliver a crucial element of security for their premises, people and assets.

2. Roller Shutter Doors are Versatile and Flexible

Roller shutters can be manufactured and installed to meet your specific requirements. There are different types of roller shutter doors, namely, Chain Operated Roller Shutter Doors, Motor Operated Roller Shutter Doors, Push Up Operation Doors and Galvanised Roller Shutter Doors. You can choose the right shutter door for your building, depending on your budget and needs. Then, they can be made to fit your size requirements.

3. Roller Shutter Doors are Fire Resistant

Industrial shutters provide far greater protection against the spread of fire than traditional wooden doors. While the industrial sector does face a higher risk of fires breaking out due to the very nature of the work, fires can lead to devastation and can incur great costs for all industries. However, with the presence of high-quality roller shutters, it’s possible to limit the spread of a fire and prevent it from spreading throughout your premises, and to other buildings.

4. Quick and Easy Operation

Today’s roller shutter doors are quick and easy to use – either manually with a chain system or motor operated. Factories, labs, power stations, chemical plants and production lines all have different needs; however, simple operation is crucial for everyday activities to be efficient – especially with roller shutters being used so regularly. Opening and closing the doors is very straightforward and as long as they are serviced and maintained by professionals, the opening mechanism will remain easy and quick to operate. Motorised roller shutter doors also provide you with the option of being operated remotely via a remote instead of a standard key. The ease of operation make roller shutter doors of any kind an ideal choice for fast-paced environments.

5. Value For Money

Shutter Doors should be seen as an investment, and therefore require some capital in the beginning – but this is short term. A regularly serviced and well-maintained door will last and benefit you for many years to come. When you add this together with its other benefits the investment makes for a cost-effective and highly dependable solution for everyday use.

As a business owner, it is in your best interest to protect your assets, employees and the working environment. Roller shutter doors are an ideal solutions for the industrial and commercial setting, as they provide great security, are cost-effective and have so many added benefits.
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